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Get to Know Our Friendly Trainers


Owner & Head Trainer

Anders is the head trainer and owner of Liv4: Fitness and has been since 2004. He focuses on strength and conditioning training, mobility and balance and also specilaises in the psychological benefits of training. Anders is known for his life coaching approach when his clients walk in the door and enjoys helping his clients meet their health and fitness goals. In the winter months of the year, you'll find Anders skiing at Mt. Buller with his family or at the MCG supporting his beloved Geelong Cats.


Personal Trainer

MaryAnne has been a trainer at Liv4: Fitness since 2005. You'll find MaryAnne mainly at our Malvern studio, specilaising in training older adults. She is also a qualified pilates instructor.


Exercise Physiologist

Di has been at Liv4 Fitness since 2005, and is a qualified exercise physiologist.


Personal Trainer

Todd is a personal trainer at Liv4 Fitness.


Personal Trainer

Riccardo (Rick) is a friendly, high energy fitness coach who specialises in dynamic athletic training. He is very experienced in dynamic movement training that makes use of natural body movements to work the entire body. Rick works one on one with clients as well as groups. He also works with youth in elite level sport such as soccer, tennis and AFL.
Rick will encourage you to strive for your best, making you believe nothing is impossible. His workouts are both challenging and enjoyable and he always knows how to motivate you to work hard, whilst keeping things fun with a joke or a smile.
Rick’s achievements are many and varied and include playing Soccer in the Victorian Premier League, playing for Victoria in the youth championships and being contracted for Athletico Tornio in Italy. He has also represented Victoria in elite-level athletics.


Personal Trainer

Michelle started Personal Training about 9 years ago and joined the Liv4 Fitness team 7 years ago and still sees clients who started with her all those years ago, seeing them achieve goals and overcome injuries. Michelle's main focus is on weight loss, maintaining and sports strength and conditioning. When not training clients, Michelle coaches kids at a gymnastics club, hockey club and at Ready Steady Go Kids.


Personal Trainer

“Food and fitness are my life – and in that order too. We place so much emphasis on training our bodies while forgetting the essential fuels our bodies require. For me, it’s the combination of these two in balance that are the key to achieving a leaner, stronger, fitter you.”

Over 19 years experience in health and fitness have taught Diana the essential role of food in the health and fitness balance. Diana combines her passions for food, fitness, teaching and helping people realise goals they may never have imagined for themselves.

listening to your needs

accommodating your lifestyle

establishing clear health, fitness and food goals that work for you

creating steps to achieve those goals

teaching you to make nutritious dense snacks and meals

guiding you to a refined sugar free, healthy eating lifestyle

A qualified personal and group trainer with accreditations in wellness and food coaching, Diana also has qualifications in children’s fitness and Level 2 First Aid and is a member of Fitness Australia.




Personal Trainer

Jodie has 22 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and still trains one of her first clients weekly! She also has a Masters degree in Counselling and has a therapy private practice specialising in body image and self-worth. Jodie is also a keen Tigers fan who likes to wear her team colours at the studio during finals time just to rub it in.


Remedial Massage Therapist

Ian is our Remedial Massage Therapist and works out of our Malvern Studio. He also keeps himself busy as the head trainer at Wesley College. Ian has previously worked at Melbourne Football Club and Melbourne Storm.

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